Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i saw this on miss kellees blog and warned her that i was sooooo gonna copy her idea!! so fun!! and really, really, i wanna know, what are your top ten favorite movies?? here are mine,, in no particular order,,,
the hangover. seriously, i cant remember the last time i actually *laughed out loud*, *rolled on the floor laughing* and *laughed my ass off* {i still cant get into the lols, lmaos, and rofls,, it irks me a lot, a lot},,,nthis movie is rad. cant wait for the next one,,,
the little mermaid. so sweet. i know this movie by heart!!!
i love that this is the spanish poster for gnomeo and juliet.
have you seen it?? i thought i like gnomes years ago when my mom got me hooked on em,,, now i love em even more!!! so charming!!!
the nightmare before christmas,,, love it. im a big fan of dark cartoons,, love em
summer school. a classic in a league of its own. i wanna be friends with schoop,, we would have so much fun roller skating on the boardwalk in front of his beach front house!!!
love, love elf. love will ferrell, love zoey deschanel, love the snow ball fight, and i LOVE when buddy puts the star on top of the chirstmas tree.
dirty dancing. ive been known to watch this movie, finish it, watch it again, finish it and yes, watch it again,, like back, to back, to back,,, this was, of course prior to glee. now i can sit and watch glee, season one all i want and whatever episodes from season two that are on my dvr,, the original song episode was AMAZING!!! providing that im sick,, thats really the only time i allow myself to sit on my butt for that long,, {i think i feel a sickness quickly movie over me ~ wink, wink}
alice in wonderland. im partial to this version because i was alice in wonderland for halloween quite a few times growing up,, and, if i do say so myself, with my {at the time} stick straight blonde, blonde hair, perfect alice dress, i sorta rocked it. and watching this movie again as a grown up,, its like a free fade,, such a trip,, so fun!!!
alice in wonderland. i totally love the new version,, johnny depp?? yes please,,, tim burton?? heck yes!!! the graphics, colors and special effects that we could only pull off with the hollywood technology we have now~a~days,, theyre amazing!!! love!!!
ferris buellers day off. from the animal print vest, to the mo~hawk in the shower,,, ditching school {i was maybe sorta known for having senioritous as a freshman},,, the drop top ferrari,,, such an amazing classic.
coraline jones. here i am with my dark animation movies. love em. its pretty rad too, because my kids LOVE all of tim burtons stuff,,, so we watch these together,, when rica is gone,, he and i have wayyyyyy different tastes in movies. the only one on this list hed agree with is the hangover. but who doesnt love that movie?!?!?
so, you might have noticed,,, i might, sorta, maybe have eleven on my list. as i was almost ready to post, then another classic popped into my head,, and i couldnt eliminate any from the list i already had, so i cheated. were all good with that, right?? and you might be able to tell,,, if its not a animation, or really funny,, im so not interested. i cant stand scary movies!! action is so blah to me,,, western?? nah dawg,, im out. suspense?? i lose interest because i cant follow the plot and usually the person stuck sitting next to me hates me by the end of the movie because i forget faces & names like really, really easy,, and then i forget who is who and what the heck is going on. i like movies that are easy to watch. no brainers,,,
and thats all i gotta say about that,,, okay, your turn,,, lemme know your top ten,,, do it, do it!!!


Anonymous said...

I love all those movies! Except gnomeo and juliet, haven't seen that one!

The Mama Monster said...

okay my top ten is not my 10 favorite movies but my 10 that i can watch over and over again... with that being said, here are my feelings on your top ten.

1. hangover, i laughed so hard that my stomach hurt

2. little mermaid loooove it... and i am not a huge disney movie fan. they are usually sad and i hate that they are one parent, and the kids are usually blamed for the death of the other parent.

3. we both know how i feel about gnomeo and juliet... LOOOOVE IT

4. nightmare before xmas... um i collect all things nightmare before xmas... =) almost left my husband when he broke my oogie boogie colletors edition mug.

5. summer school is one of my all time favorite movies!!!! i had the biggest crush on him back then and still think he's adorable! the texas chainsaw massacre guys were hilarious!!!

6. elf- loved it but can't watch it over and over... but my hubs can. i freaking die when he gets hit by the cab!

7. dirty dancing i can def watch over and over and over again!

8. alice in wonderland.... i am obsessed.. my whole back is desginated to a dark and real alice tattoo... so far i have the dark queen and the roses with blood (painting the roses red). next is the cheshire cat). and my very favorite disney movie!!! esp since nobody is dead and blamed for the death of a parent!!!

9. ferris- ehhhh but the hubs cannot pass this movie up...

10. coraline- loooooooove!!!!!



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