Thursday, April 21, 2011

*listening: the birds outside my window. kids are with *dude and papa*, rica is at work. the house is quiet. and im good with that.
*eating: teeny tiny pepperoni pizzas from smart ones {always trying to *watch what i eat*,, so lame}
*drinking: water
*wearing: adorable grey pj pants with itty bitty hearts on em from target, white target tank top, long sleeve stehly borthers and drilling t-shirt. pretty standard get~up when im home.
*feeling: tired, like updating my blog and sharing more bits about me, not just what i create. excited i got my hair did yesterday {blonde again AND feathers!!!}, inspired to create, but low on the energy.
*weather: kinda cozy, coldish and gloomy. i likey.
*wanting: a magic wand i can wave and the house is clean, so i can continue to sit here at my computer and not feel so guilty. {wouldnt that be rad?!?!?}
*needing: energy, motivation,,,
*thinking: "hmmm,, what am i thinking so i can answer this question" :-)
*enjoying: our adorable kit club that we have created. its so rad and im so proud of nely and myself. not to mention, we really are an amazing team together. im lucky to have met nely.
*wondering:what to do next?? clean house?? find something else to kill time online??
{i actually did this yesterday,,, but thought i post it today since i had just updated my blog with my favorite movies},,, in case you were wondering,, like, i totally bet you were :-) :-) :-)


The Mama Monster said...

my kids make fun of me for getting up, taking a shower and then putting on clean jammies!!! but that's just how i roll if we have no plans! =)

allyson joy said...

seriously - I see no point in getting dressed to stay home!!! thankfully Daniel loves rocking the jammies too,,, Sofia,, she's into getting dolled up to stay home!! so funny!!


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