Wednesday, May 18, 2011 i made cards for teacher appreciation day {do you know,,, *appreciation* was one of the first words i learned to spell},,, side note; i *appreciate YOU* im grateful. and im really, really grateful for my kids teachers. love them. period. so, anyway,,, using past and future ninja kits,,, i made these cards for my angels teachers,,, made me really, really, really, really wanna tech card classes again. anyway,, with a bit of novembers kit,,, and a bit of junes kit,, here they are,,,
i like you. a lot, a lot,, youre rad,,, :-* {my mom and do that,,, it means im kissing YOU,,, maybe you do it too?!!?}


icandy... said...

OMG! you are such a CuTiE!!! the cards turned out so sweet and i can only imagine how much the teachers *appreciated* them! have a terrific weekend, ally!

deb famularo said...

So cuuuute, the cards AND you!!!!! xOxO

MY Creative Brightside said...

love it ally cakes so awesome!!


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