Sunday, August 3, 2008

hi ~ i have a class this tuesday ~ *hello vacation* at pink pineapple 4:30 ~ are you gonna be there too???
i sent teresa collins an email with a few pictures from this class and she loved it!!! she wants me to try to get it published,,, what do you think?!?! im kinda shy about that ~ *i would totally need encouragement*,,, she also mentioned that she was going to put up pictures and class information up on her blog, but im sure she has a million and a half other things going on, maybe she forgot,,,,, oh well, it made my day that she loved it!!!!
oh ~ p.s., this little baby is turning out to be everything i wanted it to be,,,, ill probably be done with it later tonight, but i have to take a quick picture and post it,,, i love this feeling,,,,,, this is *firefly chasers* class at
ever after 15 august 4:00


Euphoria said...

YAY for the love from Teresa Collins- WOW you High Roller! Rubbin elbows with the big shots!!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the firefly album!! I will SO be at this class!

Can't wait to see you again!

The England Family said...

Hey there! I wanted to know if it is too late to buy a kit for the Hello Vacation book? I would have love to come but it's just too far with my husband working late and the little one not feeling well. Let me know...This is Heather I went to your class at It's About Time. My email is THANKS:)

Anonymous said...

Can't WAIT to take this class tomorrow. Cheers chickie...Krystie

Kristie Steffens said...

Ally, you crack me up! U R too cute. hey,wanna play? come on... Snappppp!:) Betcha did 'nt think I would ever say that! HA! call me...


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