Wednesday, September 3, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my old man!!! yep ~ today is my hubbs 28 birthday,,, and YES, i am older than him,,, by eighteen whole days ~ but who is counting right?!?!? thats just how i roll, i married a younger man!!!! anyway, as you can tell ~ we have had a ton of birthdays around here,,, and a few more to come,,,, but for now ~ at least today ~ its my hubbys birthday,,,, i get to take him to dinner and a movie thanks to my mama ~ shes gonna watch the kids!!!! i can wait!!! love you babe!!! xoxoxox,,,,, he is pretty cute uh??? I LOVE YOU!!!!

1 comment:

pj said...

happy bday to your dear hubby!!! so does that mean you're a cougar??? RRRRRRRRRR!!! lol! a pretty good lookin one at that!!!


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