Thursday, January 29, 2009

more love from cha,,,, a few pictures of *us* through out the fun filled day,,,, my fav booth, {well, one of em},,,
carrie in the sassafrass lass booth. we both loved their lines,,,, of course!!!
teresa collins. like i said, she is so sweet, just as sweet as everybody says she is.
carrie, teri and krystie shopping for amazing products from maya road for the pink. i so cant wait!!!
allison. another sweetheart. she gave me some hambly that isnt even for sale!!! products from this release, but colors that they arent going to offer. fun!! just for her *peps*, you know, like me!!! :-D hee,, heee,,,
here is some love from the prima booth!!! "crazy mama" as my kids like to say,,,,
i ran into
jennifer, so we totally had to take a picture together!! fun times!!
me, donna, teri and krystie. prima. wheww,,, lots more pictures to come,,,

1 comment:

Toni said...

Lucky!!! You better show me that Hambly schtuff!!!! I wanna see asap!! (ha ha)

Cute pics!!!!


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