Thursday, March 19, 2009

my friend is cooler than your friend,,,,, check it,,,,

rockin the american crafts new rub on before they hit the stores!!! jessica youre soooooo my idol!!



euphoria said...

thanks for the blog love missy!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my tattoo! Hurts like a "you know what" right now... but it's all good! SO worth it!

Toni said...

OMG ,, that looks like it HURT!!! But it's so darn cute!! You are my hero to have one there!!

Gloria said...

Wow !! I can only imagine the pain from that..Ok, Ally she deserves a drink on us....Thats really cool....Gloria

Krystie said...

HOLY CRAPOLY.....that HAD to have hurt!!! Yes, jess....YOU too are my idol. I am cringing in pain just looking at the pic. you GO GIRL!

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

oh my god! I have to talk to that girl! its so awesome!


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