Monday, May 25, 2009

four years ago today,,,,,,, my life changed forever,,,,,,
{check my out in the back ground loving that chocolate chip ice cream sandwich,,, sooooo good}!!!! i know, i know, i was, like wicked tiny,,, right!?!?! ha!!!!
i love you so much dude!!!!happy memorial day as well!!!! i miss my baby brother. like a lotttttt!!!!! :-(((((
check back tomorrow for my exciting project that i want to you participate in!!!!


A Sweet Escape said...

happy birthday to your little man!!! i'm sure 4 years went by fast!!

Euphoria said...

awww... how sweet!! You are so hardcore!! "yup, just had a kid, now give me my chocolate chip ice cream cookie!!" LOL!!

You rock! We totally got to get together soon!

Toni said...

Happy Birthday to the little dude!!

Mom said...

Ahhhh, what a sweet memory waiting on the other side of the door listening for Daniel to be born, then hearing him cry and knowing nothing would ever be the same again, what a happy four years it's been with him in our lives. Love, Mom


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