Sunday, May 24, 2009

happy birthday to a very dear friend of mine,,, i spent the day with a great group of girlys at cupcake love in solana beach to celebrate glorias birthday and i wish i didnt have to go so soon,,, i was glad to be there, but didnt want to leave,,, here are a few highlights from yesterday,,,,and this is what happens when you get all the girlys together for a group picture ~ especially if most of those girlys are scrappers,,,, we each had to have our own photo!!! im so that *hey, can you get one with my camera too* girl,,, i cant help it :-D
happy birthday gloria ~ thanks for letting me share a piece of the day with you!!!!


Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

your blog looks super cute! was fun yesterday!

Toni said...

So glad that you all had a beautiful day!! The photo of the cameras is a hoot!!!

ally serrato said...

thanks elena!!! i love kicking it with you!!
seriously toni,,, huh?? so funny to me!!!

Anonymous said...

awww...looks like you had so much fun!!! :]

<3 B

Gloria said...

I am so glad you came and most of all that you drove all that way and took so much time out of your day for me....thanks my sweet cool rocker friend....gloria

Becky said...

:) how fun! such pretty ladies!


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