Tuesday, August 4, 2009

hi. ive got a few things up my sleeve today. i feel like i usually post on one thing and one thing only, but two biggies that cant be spread out gotta be put up today. first things first,,,
the glitter atc swap that danielle got together filled up really, really fast. ive gotten a few emails from girlys that wanted in on the swap and i had to say that the spots have been filled. i hate doing that. im such a yes man its not even funny. so,,, i chatted with danielle and we agreed that itd be fun to have a second group for the glitter atc swap. group *b*. what this means is this,,, if youre in the first glitter swap and you wanna be a part of group *b* also, you totally can. this is a different group, meaning if you are a part of the first glitter swap, and wanna be a part of the second as well, you will be making 24 glitter atcs, but the first 12 cant be the same as the second 12. make sense?? the same guidelines apply. they are due to me via pink pineapple or my mail box by 10 september. please email me if you want to be a part of the glitter atc swap group *b*. xoxoallyserrato@aol.com im like, crazy addicted to these little babies and have soooo many new atc swap ideas that will unfold as time goes on. i dont wanna over do it, ya know??
second. i have a card class this sunday. yeah, i know it kinda crept up on me too. of course its at pink pineapple, {of course, of course}. here is a picture of one of the five cards that we will be creating. hope to see you there!!!okay, so those were the two biggies i had to chat with you about. im still waiting on three transparency atcs from the first swap, i cant wait to share!!! oh ~ and today, i have big hopes and dreams. im gonna stay home all day. yep. and mark my words, im gonna bust out four ~ yeah, count em one, two, three, four layouts and finish my vintage atcs. its gonna be a busy little factory in my house today. the good part is my hubby will be very close by, working on the house so the kids will be outside all day with him,,, shhhh,,,, dont tell him my plans, im gonna work it somehow like "hey babe, daniel wants to try out his new soccer shoes {again}",,, and go from there,,, cant wait!! dont share my plan,,, ;-) i hope i dont let myself down,,,
just so you know, i love the pink ninjas. like a lot, a lot :-)
oh and i like crazy love pink pineapple. love, love, love.
love you, love ally


Christina said...

good luck on your 4 lo today! it rocks when they hubby is around and can take the kids!!

Toni said...

I hope you can "work" it that you get your hubby to watch the kids while you play!!

cococricketsmama said...

I love the days of going no where!!
Can't wait to see what you create!

JenCoen said...

Ally!! You totally rock girl!!! I absolutely luv*luv the atc... thankU thankU thankU!!

Sweet Escape said...

Work it girly!!!..i was just wondering what your card class was gonna be??..so ricardo is working on the pool???

twistedsoda said...

I'm totally losing count. I have two with you so far. Vintage and glitter. I am going to just do these as there are others I am in also. Geeeeez. Yes, I am addicted to them also. I just wish I had more time.


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