Wednesday, August 5, 2009

new challenge is up over at the pink ninjas,,, its a good one ~ its a challenge, but so much fun!!! ill be posting mine tomorrow,,, yesterday, i created. this is one for the layouts i rocked out,,, its inspired by glorious pink challenge. the rules were ~ as she says simple. as simple as one, two, three.
one word.
two pictures.
three paper lines.
here is what i came up with,,, *inspired*,,,
go ahead,,, ask me,,, ask me how many layouts i got done yesterday,,, :-) heee,,, i have a few more spots for the glitter swap group *b*,,, email me if you wanna play have a great day ~ see you tomorrow!!
love you, love ally


Sweet Escape said...

so how many did you get done??? huh..huh?? layout rocks!! working on mine for the challenge too...but there is no way i'm gonna top this one!!! rad job lady..another awesome layout!!!!

MY Creative Brightside said...

AMAZING!!!! Great job Ally!!

Toni said...

Ok girlie ,,, I want to know how many layouts that you knocked out of the ballpark!!!!

Euphoria said...

ummm... busted! Where did you get that paper?!? I want it!!

LOVE this LO!! Supa Inspo!

Heidi said...

woooohooooo that is fabulous!!!

Anonymous said...

love that layout! And that paper, who makes it??

ally serrato said...

Thanks ladies - alright - so I did the four I promised I would. I have to admit, I totally didn't think I'd pull it off,,, half way through the day,,, but I did it!!! Check back Friday - I'll post the one that I really, really, really love. Its a current favorite :-). Jess - I got the paper online - I told you right?? :-) {happy face} :-)) Danielle - it's American crafts. The CHA winter 2009 - craft fair line. Fun right?? Thanks again ladies.
{xoxo} love youuuuuu


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